We live in a time where fortunately we value our resources more than ever. We believe in doing our part and that includes the fashion we create. We love finding Vintage Clothing and giving them a new life. The challenge is to be creative when our resources are limited. One way to design is to begin with an idea and gather the necessary new materials to bring it to life; however, another way is to gather existing resources first and reuse them in a new way.

When traveling, there is always space on our agenda to look for those specific pieces where the fabric speak by itself. We enjoy thinking about the fact these clothes were worn by women from a different place and time.  We like to imagine what fashion statement they made and how this piece made them feel.  Maybe these renewed pieces were once gifts, bought for a special occasion or event, or held sentimental value for its original owner. Every time we use a vintage piece of clothing these things come to mind as something new begins to take shape. 

All pieces from this line become a one-of-a-kind piece of art. 

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